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Spiritual Consultation

Phone Readings Available

Because of recent circumstances regarding this pandemic, it is completely understandable to not want to come in contact with other people for your own safety.

If you are interested in having a reading done but prefer not to come in person, Psychic and Tarot Card Readings are available by phone.

The health, cleanliness and safety of my clients and myself are of the upmost importance, and I take all measures I can to ensure a safe and sanitary environment. It is important that we all take extra precaution, especially at this time.

Phone Readings have the same accuracy as in-person readings. FaceTime Readings are also available and are a great way to get the same in-person experience.

Please call to schedule a reading by phone, or if you prefer to come in.

Thank you!


You are taking the first step on your spiritual journey to inner peace and enlightenment.

By awakening your senses and becoming in touch with the energies surrounding you, you will be on the path of spiritual growth and understanding.

Whether you are seeking guidance, questioning your direction or yearn for completion, opening yourself up to consultation will help you achieve your goals and aspirations.

Spiritual consultation and personal growth go hand-in-hand. When you truly allow yourself to reach a heightened state of consciousness, you will view yourself and things surrounding you in a new light. Everyday issues become smaller and your vision becomes clearer.